The Alpha Artist

The Teahouse is a versitile art studio that provides intelligent, clean design and illustration. Let your brand act in a way that well exceeds users' expectations. See what we can do to help you.

Illustration and Painting

The TeaHouse provides character design, novel illustration, human and pet portraits, storyboard art, architectural concepts, and more. If you need beautiful color or expressive line in your marketing, our competitive pricing and quality product are a proven way to showcase your product, in both real media and digital presentation.

Graphic Design

The TeaHouse has a decade of corporate design experience, supporting products, providing content for social media campaigns, branding conferences, skinning trade show booths and more. We also step outside of the box, sketching hand-drawn slides for educators, splashing color for kid's products and more.

Conceptual and Product Design

Utilizing the teahouse's skill in illustration, the progression to conceputualizing product came naturally. While several costume products are still in development, you'll see the teahouse's costume designs in retailers world-wide in 2018. Other products, such as enamel pins, art books and more have found wide success.

Prop Design

Masks, armor, and more. Look for the teahouse's work on Geek and Sundry's Critical Roll, GISHWHES and more.